Facing the U.S. Prison Problem 2.3 Million Strong,


by Shawn R. Griffith

The U.S. imprisons more people than any other country in the world, ever in the history of humanity. It takes a person who has experienced the mistakes of criminal justice from behind the barred doors and razor wire fences to share and understand the solutions to our broken system.


Listen to our latest interview out of New York's WBAI Law and Disorder Radio, archived at www.lawanddisorderradio.com. For those of our supporters who can listen in to 96.5 FM out of Sarasota, Florida, tune in on December 20th, at 6:00 PM for this interview. It was fun and I encourage you to go listen. Be civic-minded and learn something I bet you only thought you knew. If you're not a reader, this program allows you to listen and learn in a way that I hope inspires you to look deeper into these serious matters. They are of grave importance to our nation and to our children's children They are the ones who will suffer the consequences if we don't start reversing wasteful policies of corrections that are worsening our debt crisis and causing repeat victimization of citizens. 96.5 FM...6 PM  Be part of the solution.


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