About the Founder of Speak Out Publishing, LLC

Speak Out Publishing’s founder, Shawn R. Griffith, has taken over forty accredited college courses, with an emphasis on prose, psychology, and marketing. He has a 3.5 GPA from Ohio University and has been an institutional teacher of adult basic education for the past sixteen years. He has received many teaching and writing awards from professors and others with whom he has worked, as recently as 2011. He is also a published author.


Shawn started this publishing company in direct response to his history and education. With the current U.S. crisis in our economy and our politics, he believes the nation as a whole has become bogged down with groups that do not have our nation’s best interest in their agendas. All too commonly, Americans become complacent with the status quo and fail to perform their civic duties to speak out on issues that jeopardize our cohesion as a nation Part of the “herd mentality” is in direct response to what we read and hear. . Speak Out Publishing has a very applicable niche market to serve. At Speak Out, no longer do authors with a politically incorrect message have to remain silent or barred from expressing views. We are a small publishing company for a reason, to provide those authors with alternate opinions a venue to share their ideas, regardless of who does or does not like them. This takes fortitude, and Shawn has plenty of that because of the adversity he faced in his own life after living a very difficult upbringing that sent him on the wrong path in his early adulthood.


Speak Out Publishing’s founder served time in a state prison for crimes committed when he was younger. However, he also beat the odds and fully rehabilitated into a conscientious person who strives every day to give back, to make a difference, especially for those less fortunate people who suffer silently because of barriers, economic or otherwise. For this reason, adversity and opposition to ideas or alternate views is something he is accustomed to in his personal and professional life. To begin, he kicked off the opening of this publishing house with the first title, a treatise on how dysfunctional the U.S. criminal justice system has become. This set off a storm of debate and publicity, and got people talking, exactly what Shawn wanted. But this is just one of many titles in the pipeline, with lots of excitement ahead in the years to come.


At Speak Out, we want to make a difference. If you are a good writer, have ideas that challenge the status quo, or just have written a manuscript or partial work that can serve to better society as a whole, this publishing company is for you. Contact us, submit your work, and know that each submission will receive the individual attention and response that only a small publisher can provide, including targeted promotional advantages that big publishers cannot and will not match. At Speak Out Publishing, LLC, you are a person, with hopes and dreams and ideas. You will never be just another “number” to us for profit considerations. We keep you in the loop, provide editing services if needed, and offer suggestions to optimally get you to the audience most interested in your ideas.


And no matter what, if you follow your heart, if you know you’re right, then always remember the following quote from Thomas Paine:

Freedom had been hunted round the globe;
Reason was considered as rebellion;
And the slavery of fear had made men afraid to think.
But such is the irresistible nature of truth, and all it asks, and all it wants, is the liberty of appearing.


The Rights of Man, 1791