Facing the U.S. Prison Problem

Author: Shawn R. Griffith

Genre: Non-Fiction

About This Book:


The U.S. imprisons more people than any other country in the world, ever in the history of humanity. It takes a person who has experienced the mistakes of criminal justice from behind the barred doors and razor...wire fences to share and understand the solutions to our broken system. With recidivism rates ranging from fifteen to seventy percent, and the U.S. debt burden in the trillions, the general public deserves a detailed account of the mistakes being made in our criminal justice system and the common-sense solutions to fix them. Facing the U.S. Prison Problem, 2.3 Million Strong accomplishes this with a no-nonsense perspective from a rehabilitated ex-convict after serving 20 years in prison. The book is not only unique because the author is a released, rehabilitated felon, but also because it illustrates the growing development of a non-profit corporation, called the Prisoner Family Union, Inc. This is not only a book; this is a movement which has the potential to change the criminal justice system as never before seen.